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Chapter 32 Spirit Skill


【Spending 10 EXP to learn Level 1 Spirit Skill—— Freeze.

Strength 2, Agility 2, Constitution 2, and Magic Skill 2.】


Just as this message box appeared, Odin felt a sense of chilliness surging into his fingertips, traversing his four limbs before converging at his heart.

An enormous sense of iciness suddenly engulfed his heart almost causing Odin unable to gasp his breath.


Fortunately, the iciness soon dispersed through the tips of his four limbs.

However, Odin felt the blood flowing through his veins become colder in general.


Odin entered his spirit form.

After seeing his translucent body, he slowly gathered the iciness injected into his body just now on his fingertips and soon a small ice prism appeared.


However, due to the skill still at Level 1 and Odin’s level of Spirit Warlock being low, he couldn’t form multiple icicles like how Watson did.


As someone who just mastered the ice skill, being able to materialize a block of solid ice was evidence of someone having a brilliant talent.


Staring at the ice prism hovering on his fingertip gradually becoming transparent and vanishing ultimately, Odin was mesmerized by it.

This ice prism didn’t melt into water, instead, vanished into thin air.

Using it as a murder weapon was better than anything else.


After waiting the ice prism vanished utterly, Odin attempted to conjure another ice prism using the spirit energy within his body but failed to do so.

Judging from it, this skill had a cooldown period.


Retaining in his spirit form, Odin occasionally conjured an ice prism on his fingertips, trying to master the interval time difference.


Soon enough, Odin mastered the rules between them and was able to maximize the efficiency of his spirit energy to trigger the ice skill.


Upon practicing a certain time, a new message box appeared in front of Odin.


【Level 1 Spirit Skill – Freeze】


At the first glance, it was seemingly ordinary but similar to the time when practicing the combat technique, a ‘ ’ symbol was behind it which should mean using EXP to level it up.


Odin tapped the plus symbol.


【Acquired Level 2 Spirit Skill – Icicles, an area of effect skill.

Every usage consumes 0.02 points of mental strength.】


【Acquired Level 3 Spirit Skill – Ice Barrier, a defensive skill.

Every usage consumes 0.3 points of stamina.】


Odin had a clear understanding of these two skills since both of these Watson had utilized them during his fight with Odin.

Moreover, Odin found out the current EXP he possessed was enough for another two leveling up.

Without any hesitation, he consecutively tapped the plus symbol twice.

As he imagined, the plus symbol vanished afterward.


【Acquired Level 4 Spirit Skill – Arrival of Winter, an area of effect skill.

Every usage consumes 0.4 points of stamina.】


【Acquired Level 5 Spirit Skill – Ice Arrow, an offensive skill.

Every usage consumes 0.5 points of stamina.】


Odin pondered as he caressed his chin.

Watson should only train to the third level of this spirit skill, thus Odin hadn’t seen the latter skills before.

Looking at the unavailability of suitable training space, he could only improvise the usage of skills according to their name.


Sitting on the bench for a while, Odin rested to recover the stamina he consumed during the practice of the ice skill before steadily leaving this open space.


With the absence of the barrier, the pathway of return wasn’t as dark as before.

Soon, Odin exited this territory of the Black Death Society.

The sky was still pitch-black as there were still some times before dawn approached.


Unsure of the state of Wilson and his company but they were just tricked into another direction.

Odin believed they wouldn’t face any life-threatening situation since the danger was focused on himself.

At most, they would be lost and should be able to find their way back after sunrise.


As for Watson’s statement regarding Chris just now, Odin pulled out a recording pen from his pocket.

It was better for this recording pen to be delivered to the security office, proving his own innocence as he didn’t wish for any more interaction with Wilson.


Hastening his footsteps back to the dorm, there were two more hours before dawn.


Odin removed his shoes and without even changing his attire, he plopped onto the bed like a sack of potatoes since his entire muscles were sore.

However, the name Black Death Society constantly lingered on his mind.


Tossing and turning around, Odin eventually widened his eyes helplessly, staring at the ceiling while revising his entire exchanges with the Black Death Society again.


Based on Nancy and Watson’s words, the higher-ups of the Black Death Society were aware of the matter between him and Annie.

So, they passed down the order to kill him.

Although it seemed the mission had just been published for a couple of days, the Black Death Society had countless members.

They managed to locate him in just several days and even laid a trap to kill him off directly.


Finally enlightened, Odin believed even if he purposely avoided the people of the Black Death Society, they would still utilize various methods to locate and entangle him.

Since they were going to continuously pester him, it might be better for him to act proactively and intentionally bring the troubles to them.

Eradicating the dangers by one’s side was better than sitting like a duck, waiting for the inevitable death.


The originally drowsy Odin immediately jolted up with his eyes wide open, brimming with mischief.


Right now, it was difficult for him to locate territories and gathering spots of the Black Death Society within the campus alone.

Odin sat by his bedside, closing his eyes while strategizing.


As for the members of the Black Death Society mingling on the campus, Odin could only passively wait for their arrival before having ways to defeat them one by one.

Since the campus was too huge, searching every nook and cranny was unfeasible.


Then, there are no places for me to directly pry them out. Odin frowned.


That’s right! Let’s just storm right into their lair! Abruptly opening his eyes, Odin’s eyes brimmed with shimmer.


Yeah, why didn’t I think of this method before Their lair should be the place the most members of the Black Death Society gather.

As long as I can find it, then I can locate their members, right


It will be dangerous If I go there with my physical body and I probably can’t sense their lair with my physical body also.


However, my current profession is one of the Crow God‘s professions.

If I use Spirit Warlock’s skill, entering my spirit form.

I should be able to sense their lair.

This way, it will be more convenient and safer for me to search for it.


With these thoughts, Odin immediately put his plan into action.


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