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Chapter 105 Piano

Being dragged out of the dorm by Ning Xiuli, Bai Yan felt that he was innocent.

Heaven and earth could see that he truly wasn’t lying or talking nonsense.

It was simply because Lin Miaomiao, who was right beside him, told him that there was a dark man’s shadow standing behind the curtains, prompting him to feel it quite off.

So, he got up, wanting to investigate the situation.

Who would’ve known that when he got out of the quilt, he would be caught by this teacher in menopause.

It didn’t make sense to try and explain this to the menopausal woman since many classmates before him were brutally struck, so it was quite foolish.

Moreover, he knew that he shouldn’t challenge Teacher Ning’s authority.

As a result, after being caught, Bai Yan didn’t say a word, only lowering his head, his face as though he was reflecting on his mistakes.


As a matter of fact, he really was thinking back on his mistake.

If he had known that this was going to happen, he would have taken off his name tag before going to bed.

Only he and Lin Miaomiao were the ones wearing a name tag, and with their names so clearly visible, how wouldn’t they be called

Next to him, Lin Miaomiao was also a quick-witted kid, so with her round apple-like face full of repentance, her mouth uttered out in a small voice, “Teacher Ning, I was wrong.

I won’t do it again!”

Maybe it was because the two people sincerely admitted their mistakes that Ning Xiuli didn’t make things too difficult for them, merely using her pointer to viciously hit them a few times.

After the two people grimaced from the pain, she opened a door to a utility closet and threw the two in.

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Wouldn’t it be a pity if he was killed by the dark figure and had sent his life away in vain


This ‘Special District’ was completely beyond his expectations.

In this place, the atmosphere pervaded with an unimaginable cheerful flavor, but Bai Yan didn’t feel that happy.

This campus, it was as though the school was incessantly flooded with terror and anguish, this was something he yearned for even in his dreams.

He felt that whether it be a teacher or a student, the people who lived inside this place were not free from a life of fear and suffering.

If others were unhappy, then he would feel incredibly joyful.

It was rare for him to find a place where everyone was miserable except for him!

Other than the strangely-flavored lunch, Bai Yan felt that there wasn’t anything imperfect about this school.

Even with the lunch, seeing how many students were eating it in such tragic states, he also subconsciously ignored the sand and hair mixed into his and ate it with delight.

However, from the conversations of the grown-ups, the ‘Special District’ was brimming with terror and danger.

The ghosts were roaming about in the hallways and dorm rooms, so was this dark utility closet really safe

Although each episode in the ‘Special District’ made Bai Yan feel especially pleased, this happy feeling didn’t lead his heart to relax.

As a result, Bai Yan began to carefully examine his environment inside the closet.

Just like the whole impression of the school, this utility closet was very old.


In the small utility closet, only a small window was opened on the innermost wall, and faint light passed through the window’s opening, making the usable light in the room extremely dim.

Additionally, the originally small window also had iron bars in place, similar to the ones that cage fingers, trapping the people in the room inside and giving the people inside the feeling of being imprisoned.

After looking at the whole utility room, Bai Yan began to notice the arrangement inside it.

Just like what Ning Xiuli said, this place was full of junk.

A torn unreadable book, a damaged guitar, and a rag doll with only one eye…

The items inside the utility closet were considerably dirty and old-fashioned, possessing all kinds of physical defects.

The only thing that was still intact was a piano completely covered in dust.

A thick layer of dust covered the piano, even the keys were full of particles, looking as though it was left in this place and untouched for years.

The narrow room was full of marks of time.

Bai Yan looked around and didn’t see anything wrong with his surroundings.

So, he leaned on the wall and closed his eyes, dozing off for a nap.

Beside him, Lin Miaomiao also let out a hearty yawn, using her small hands to rub her heavy eyes, simply crouching down and hugging her knees, letting her head rest on her knees.

Bai Yan napped for a while, thinking that this was just an ordinary utility closet that nothing unexpected would happen, and after their siesta, they would come out of there without a hitch.


However, before long, he heard Lin Miaomiao uneasily say, “…That, Bai Yan, can’t you hear an odd sound”

“Wait, there seems to be a person!”

Lin Miaomiao’s voice had a hint of tremble in it, her voice full of uncertainty.

Bai Yan opened his eyes, his eyes following the direction to where Lin Miaomiao was pointing at——

Who knew when, but a person was actually sitting on the piano bench!

Saying that it was a person was not entirely precise, this was where Lin Miaomiao was unsure.

The person on the piano bench had kept his back facing the two, and no matter what angle they looked at it, they couldn’t see its face.

Judging from his clothes, it seemed that this was an ordinary person, but his body was crooked, giving people an ominous feeling.

No matter how they looked at it, there was something amiss!

They also wanted to know that with the door still locked, how could a person possibly enter the room without a sound!

Bai Yan immediately determined that it was a ghost, and beside him, Lin Miaomiao’s reaction also wasn’t slow.

Since young, Lin Miaomiao had heard stories about ghosts while growing up.

Her parents constantly used them to threaten her.

If she wasn’t obedient, then she’d be hurriedly kicked out of the house and be fed to the ghosts.

Relying on what she had learned from fairy tales, Lin Miaomiao was also quick to realize that this was a ghost.


In the stories, ghosts loved to eat children the most, every child that a ghost got its hands on would be swallowed whole without leaving a single leftover.

Lin Miaomiao was losing her head, but looking at the boy beside her, the boy seemed to not be afraid, looking as if he was not the least bit intimidated by ghosts.

Everyone was the same age, so if he wasn’t scared, then why should she be

Secretly, this calmed Lin Miaomiao down.

She pulled herself together, and she didn’t feel that terrified anymore…

Lin Miaomiao quickly calmed down, but this made Bai Yan feel extremely disturbed.

Compared to the students outside who cried at the drop of a hat, Lin Miaomiao’s reaction was quite dull, making him not like it.

However, the piano ghost was far more important than this, so Bai Yan didn’t torment Lin Miaomiao, watching the piano ghost as he kept silent.

Unlike the dust-covered piano he saw before he took a nap, right now, the piano looked squeezy clean, like brand new.

The dust on top was swept clean, looking very strange.

Sitting on the tilted piano bench, this crooked ‘person’ had its hands dangling over the piano keys, incessantly playing the instrument.

The white and black piano keys rose and fell, so it was reasonable to say that the room should be filled with music.

But, what was odd was no matter how it played the instrument, not a single sound was produced in the room!

How could this be

Why wasn’t there any music while this ghost played the piano

Just when Bai Yan was puzzled, Lin Miaomiao suddenly spoke up.

“Can you hear it The music is getting louder and louder, it’s getting unpleasant to hear!”


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