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Gu Yan raised her head and immediately said to guo rou, “Guo Rou, help me carry my luggage.

Ill go over and take a look.”

Because it was almost time to get off the car.

Besides, Gu Yan wasnt sure what was going on over there.

Guo Rou looked at Gu Yans back and her gaze softened a little.

Gu Yan was really a magical person.

And so outstanding.

She rubbed her chin.

It was no wonder captain Lu was worried.

Such a good wife, no wonder he was worried about being missed by so many people.

Guo Rou thought gloatingly.

After Gu Yan went to the seventh carriage, he quickly took part in the treatment.

The guest had a sudden heart palpitations.

The people around him were all flustered and did not know how to treat him.

Fortunately, Gu Yan arrived in time and gave emergency treatment to the patient.

After more than half an hour, the long-distance bus slowly arrived at the station.

Gongsun Yu stood at the exit, looking forward to it.

Suddenly, he was slapped on the back.

He turned around and looked at the person in front of him, slightly surprised.

“Werent you interrogating Lei Qing in isolation Why did you sneak out”

“Youre allowed to pick up your wife, but Im not allowed to come”Lu Ye was wearing a silver-gray woolen coat and shiny black leather shoes.

He was originally handsome and lazy, but after he changed into casual clothes.., he looked even more noble.

Gongsun Yu was speechless.

“You two are already an old married couple.

Were newlyweds!”

“Tch, your newlyweds arent as close as us!”

Gongsun Yu:”…”

Is there anyone who talks like that! !

I really want to beat this guy up.

Sneaking out, it actually makes sense!

The two of them stared at each other.

Coincidentally, the long-distance bus arrived at the station.

The crowd surged out, and the exit was suddenly a little congested.

Lu Ye and Gongsun Yu were both very tall.

They looked handsome and had an outstanding temperament.

Therefore, even though there were many people, everyone had a tacit understanding not to squeeze Gongsun Yu and Lu Ye.

It was a world of faces.

Therefore, it became a small vacuum around Gongsun Yu and Lu Ye.

The two of them looked inside eagerly.

When Guo Rou came out with her and Gu Yans backpacks, she saw this scene at first glance.

The wife-gazing stone.

It was still two pieces.

Guo Rou followed the crowd out of the station and came before the two people.

Gongsun Yu immediately took the backpack from her, while Guo Rou handed Gu Yans backpack to Lu Ye.

Gongsun Yu was very smug.

He had waited for his wife.

In the end, Lu Ye only waited for one bag.

Lu Ye frowned.

“Wheres Yan Yan”

“There was a passenger on the long-distance bus who suddenly fell ill.

Gu Yan helped to rescue her.

I saw the ambulance just now.

Gu Yan should be coming down soon.

Lets wait for her here.”

Lu Yes brows relaxed.

His Yan Yan was kind, warm-hearted, and upright!

In short, in Lu Yes eyes, his Yan Yan was an invincible and outstanding existence, an outstanding person who had no blind spots!

Crazy Hanye put away his admiration for his wife and said, “You two go back first.

Ill wait for Yan Yan here.”


“Okay.”Gongsun Yu nodded and immediately took Guo Rous hand and walked out.

The honest guo rou said, “Hey, I promised Gu Yan just now that I would wait for her here.

Whats wrong with leaving like this”

”… Xiao Rou, cant you see that Lu Yes eyes are filled with disdain for the both of us”

Gongsun Yu said earnestly.

After all, if the two of them didnt leave and just stood there, in Lu Yes eyes, they were like two hundred and fifty degree light bulbs!


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