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You Were Amazing

(Cognitive Science is difficult lol)


Chen Luo was taken aback by the nasty stares directed towards him and couldn't help but vomit blood!

Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth as he was overcome with rage.

He felt that the Wei family crisis would be an excellent opportunity for him, but who would have guessed that Ye Fei would show off and steal him from it!

Chen Luo grew progressively depressed as he reflected about it.

Furthermore, he had previously been harmed by Ye Fei, and the remnants of the injuries were still present, so little drops of blood began to flood his chest.

As a result, his wound grew irritated, and blood poured out of the corner of his mouth.

Chen Luo covered his lips and wiped away the blood without leaving a trace.

This scene was not seen by many people, and only Lei Haoran, who stood by him, saw his movements.

Of course, Ye Fei noticed it as well.

Chen Luo forced himself to calm down after properly clearing away the blood stains.

"Brother Chen, are you okay" Lei Haoran said, lowering his voice and whispering to him.

Chen Luo hastily shook his head.

Then he looked at Ye Fei, who was smiling with the crowd, and a deep rooted fury flashed through his eyes.

"Brother Lei, I'm good, let's go," Chen Luo said, realizing he couldn't stay at the Wei family villa any longer.

Despite the fact that he was still his Master's disciple.

The Wei family began to treat him as if he were a guest rather than someone exceptional, and Chen Luo realized that his connection with the Wei family had deteriorated.

Wei Dongqing's demeanor clearly demonstrates this.

Chen Luo wanted to be friends with Wei Dongqing, but his sentiments for him were neither warm nor cold.

On the other hand, he took the effort to befriend Ye Fei and made it abundantly clear that he wanted to support him!

Chen Luo felt he was at a disadvantage in his confrontation with Ye Fei, and it would be difficult for him to recoup!

How will he handle this

He tightened his fists, and while he didn't want to acknowledge it, he knew he couldn't compete with Ye Fei now!

Lei Haoran was smiling at the time, but he was actually quite upset.

He knew Ye Fei and himself were adversaries, and he also knew Ye Fei and Bai Ruoxi were close since he witnessed it with his own eyes during the car race.

Lei Haoran fantasized about being with Bai Ruoxi and believed that she was the exact embodiment of the perfect housewife.

As a result, when the Bai family was in trouble, Lei Haoran employed different threats against Bai Ruoxi in an attempt to persuade her to submit.

But Bai Ruoxi was not that kind of woman.

Under the strain of the Lei family, she guided the Bai Group in the correct direction, and the menace that loomed over them vanished!

What mattered was how close Ye Fei was to Bai Ruoxi, and Lei Haoran was fully aware of what was going on between the two since he was incredibly envious and full of jealousy.

Not only that, but Ye Fei had a stunning beauty known as Mu Zijin by his side, and even the most beautiful and wealthy woman in the country, Ning Yu, admired him.

Thinking of all the women around Ye Fei, Lei Haoran wanted to strangle him.

Both Lei Haoran and Chen Luo despised Ye Fei.

When Ye Fei saw Chen Luo spill blood from his mouth, a smile formed in the corner of his mouth, and he took the initiative to move towards him.

"Chen Luo,” He passed by him.

Chen Luo spat out the blood in his mouth with a moist cloth at this moment.

He tightened his fist and responded harshly, "What do you want."

"I simply wanted to inform you about something.

Your medical abilities have deteriorated.

It's a real shame," Ye Fei said in hushed tones, so only Chen Luo and Lei Haoran could hear him.

Chen Luo had accused Ye Fei of being a quack doctor, so Ye Fei had no choice but to taunt back.

His face was ashen as he heard Ye Fei's degrading comments.

He was filled with rage and resentment.

Lei Haoran too had a tiny discoloration on his face as he stared at Ye Fei, and the worst thing was that he couldn't reciprocate.

"Chen Luo, you've completely humiliated yourself.

Not only have you lost your job, but the Wei family has also disregarded you.

It's tragic how miserable you've become," Ye Fei said lightly.

Chen Luo snorted angrily, then turned to face Lei Haoran and said, "Brother Lei, let's leave."

Chen Luo was worried that if he stayed, he wouldn't be able to ignore Ye Fei's constant remarks.

Before responding to Chen Luo, Lei Haoran fixed his gaze on Ye Fei and said, "Ye Fei, don't be too haughty." Today was your one and only lucky day!"

Ye Fei grinned leisurely as he heard this.

This man was still willing to fight him

Still, Lei Haoran had no idea that an extensive scheme was in the works to bring him down.

All that was required was for Ye Fei to take the initiative.

After speaking, they both left the Wei family’s banquet with their reputation tarnished.

At this time, Ye Fei looked toward the crowd as Lei Ming raised his cup of wine towards him, and the two exchanged a chuckle.

It goes without saying, but the banquet was cut short because Senior Wei needed to be sent to the hospital for treatment.

The mother and son, Wei Xinhe and Wei Dongqing, thanked Ye Fei once again.

After thanking him, they wanted to ask Ye Fei to stay for dinner, but he politely declined.

Ye Fei and Mu Zijin wanted to say their goodbyes to Ning Yu before departing, but she had already left the Wei family's home.

However, as soon as they arrived at the parking lot, they noticed Ning Yu sitting inside a red Ferrari in the driver's seat, which matched her personality.

After greeting the two, Ning Yu pressed the throttle and drove away hurriedly.

Only Ye Fei and Mu Zijin were left inside the parking lot.

To begin with, the excursion to the Wei family banquet was fruitful.

But it was Mu Zijin's revelation of their relationship in front of all the guests that stunned Ye Fei the most.

At this time, Mu Zijin was looking at Ye Fei's sharp and lovely eyes.

 "You were great today," she said quietly, the corner of her mouth forming a small grin.

His performance absolutely astounded Mu Zijin.

Ye Fei's medical talents seemed to be superior to the previous time she met him, especially with his new medicinal approach, and while Mu Zijin doesn't know much about medicine, she could tell by Doctor Xie's expression that the acupuncture technique was anything but ordinary.

"Mhm, I planned to keep a low profile, but it appears fate doesn't want me to," Ye Fei said nonchalantly, turning to face Mu Zijin.

Looking at his partner's gorgeous appearance, he grinned and nodded before tenderly asking, "Where do you want to go.”

In truth, he and Mu Zijin had confirmed their relationship a few weeks before, but they were still merely holding hands!

So, of course, Ye Fei needed to take advantage of the opportunity to deepen and progress their relationship!


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