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Chapter 148: Flying Dragon Flowing Cloud Hand (Part 2)

What to do……What to do……

Feng Yao panicked as the thing was stuffed in her mouth.

Her mouth was filled with saliva, but she couldn’t swallow it from the corner and was suffocating a bit.

She wrapped her arms around him and that small tongue started licking.

“Un!” Feng Xiao’s body was filled with a numbing electric current that caused him to give a beastial grunt.

Finally, he couldn’t take this anymore as he held Feng Yao’s small head and started pushing into the depths every time……

The full feeling in Feng Yao’s mouth made her suffocate, but that deep feeling filled her heart with a warm and happy feeling.

Her beautiful and gentle eyes saw Feng Xiao’s red eyes and she accepted each thrust he made.

The moans were quite clear in the night and it didn’t take long before Feng Xiao gave a satisfied roa, shooting out in Feng Yao’s little mouth.

At the same time, Feng Yao’s body went weak as her lower body gushed, achieving her own climax from the stimulation.

After climaxing, Feng Xiao kept her head by his waist, not being willing to let her leave.

“Yao’er, it’s been hard on you……” After a while, Feng Xiao’s consciousness slowly came back and he slowly pulled it out of her mouth while an apology came from his heart.

Feng Yao covered her mouth and shook her head.

She slowly swallowed in front of Feng Xiao and then hugged him, not wanting to move at all.

She had already used up all her strength.

Feng Xiao gently put Yao’er in the bed and hugged her as he slowly fell asleep.

In the room next door, Yang Xi Ruo tightly bit her lip not to make any sound as a jade hand unconsciously moved between her legs.

Her hearing was better than normal people’s because she was blind.

When Feng Xiao and Feng Yao’s moans reached her ears, her bottom half couldn’t help soaking the bed sheets.

That night, Feng Xiao and Feng Yao slept well, but Yang Xi Ruo, who felt the buds of desire, couldn't sleep.

Feng Xiao slept with a calm he never felt before and only woke up when it was around noon.

When he opened his eyes, Feng Yao’s snow white body was like a little cat in his embrace with a peaceful smile on her face.

“Yao’er, it’s rare for you to sleep in.” Feng Xiao had a gentle look in his eyes as he softly held her.

The small action made Feng Yao open her eyes and she looked up at him with a beautiful lazy look as she said in a drowsy voice, “Big brother……”

As soon as she spoke, there was a painful feeling that came from her throat that made her unable to say anything else.

Feng Yao was ashamed and angry as she softly hit Feng Xiao.

This hoarse voice surprised Feng Xiao before he immediately understood what happened.

Feng Yao’s tender lips were also a bit swollen and there were traces of being hit on her white jade face.

Feng Xiao lovingly looked at Feng Yao.

In front of her happy and shy look, he slowly rubbed his hand against her jade neck and soft lips, as the mysterious effect of the Chaos Energy made all the marks disappear.

Although it was already noon, Feng Yao didn’t show any signs of getting up as she lazily laid there in Feng Xiao’s embrace, unwilling to get up.

Suddenly, she sat up with a surprised cry as chest suddenly swayed.

“......Big brother, it’s already this late, I completely forgot about little sister Xi Ruo.

I didn’t help her get dressed and I’ve forgotten about breakfast.” Feng Yao had a regretful look on her face.

She quickly looked for her clothes and Feng Xiao happily watched her with a lewd look as she got dressed.

Marx’s theory stated that women took three times as long as men when putting on clothes.

Feng Xiao just simply put on his clothes and went into Yang Xi Ruo’s bedroom as he felt the same worry.

What he was surprised by was that Yang Xi ruo wasn’t up and she was sleeping quite well.

There was a faint blush on her face and her pajamas were very disorderly.

Most of her giant twin peaks were revealed and her slender legs were so white that they dazzled people.

Feng Xiao gave a deep gulp and just stared at the fairy sleeping in front of him, as he couldn’t bear to break up this scene.

Feng Yao anxiously came in and seeing the revealed Yang Xi Ruo, she let out a surprised cry before pushing Feng Xiao out.

She glared at him before closing the door.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, time to get up!” Feng Yao tapped Yang Xi Ruo’s nose as she woke her up.

Yang Xi Ruo slowly opened her eyes before slowly closing them again, “Big sister Yao’er……what time is it I’m so tired.”

“It’s already noon, little sleepyhead!” Feng Yao said with a playful smile.

She thought that it was strange, little sister Xi Ruo’s body should have already recovered, so why was she still tired after sleeping so long

Feng Yao gently helped Yang Xi Ruo sit up and helped her change her clothes.

When she took off her pajamas, she couldn’t help being a bit surprised by the wet feeling that came from it.

Yang Xi Ruo immediately realized something and quickly took her pajamas back, “Big sister Yao’er……let me……change by myself.”

Feng Yao looked at the panicked and red faced Yang Xi Ruo in surprise.

There was a strange look on her face as she whispered in her ear, “Little sister Xi Ruo, you’re not being good! You’re relieving yourself even when your body is this weak, no wonder you’re tired.”

Feng Yao’s direct words made Yang Xi Ruo so embarrassed that she was about to cry.

She put her head into the blankets and wasn’t willing to peek out.

“Little sister Xi Ruo, it’s fine……It really isn’t……” Feng Yao softly called out, but seeing that she didn’t dare raise her head, she gave a giggle and leaned in to softly say a few words to her.

Yang Xi Ruo’s body trembled and her face was as red as the dusk sun, but she still came out and had Feng Yao help her change clothes.

Feng Xiao had just finished washing up when Feng Yao opened the door and said in a gentle voice, “Big brother, come help……Bring little sister Xi Ruo to the bathroom.”

Feng Xiao immediately followed the order and quickly came to Feng Yao’s room, but he was disappointed to find that Yang Xi Ruo was already dressed.

“Ruo Ruo is going to take a bath” Feng Xiao asked with a knowing smile that had some doubts.

“You just have to carry little sister Xi Ruo there.” Feng Yao looked at him with a look that seemed like she found it funny and tidied up the room before also going into the bathroom.

Although she couldn’t see the man hugging her, Yang Xi Ruo still tightly closed her eyes as her heart was beating out of her chest and her long lashes trembled.

She didn’t even feel Feng Xiao secretly feeling up her butt.

Hearing the splashing sounds from the bathroom, Feng Xiao’s heart itched.

He could only flick his finger and a red light appeared on the remote.

“......According to recent studies, the players in the country have already surpassed seven hundred million people.

Out of people aged sixteen to forty, over 90% of them are playing the game.

Whether it’s the entertainment, dining, advertising, or other service industries, they are all developing in the direction of the game world……”

“......Over 70% of graduates are saying that they are planning to enter the game for business, with the reason being this world is replacing the real world……

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.

“.......Our country’s server’s most mysterious player ‘Asura’ is already the center of attention for the entire world.

I believe that we will slowly unmask his mysterious veil soon, so please pay attention to our reports in the future…….”

“The Chinese Server’s first guild ‘Loving Wind Pavilion’ and ‘Yao Dreams of Loving Wind’ who established it are another major focal point.

This even surpasses the attention that ‘Asura’ is getting.

Her mysteriousness, her elegance, her strength, her holiness, her nobleness makes her the dream goddess of all of China’s men and the pride of all women.

Her support reaches 99% and she is called the ‘most charming woman in China’.”


“No, my family’s Yao’er is the most charming woman in the world!” Feng Xiao mumbled in a dissatisfied voice.

Almost all the channels were talking about the game «Rebirth».

Feng Xiao just casually listened for a bit before turning it off and planning his future plans in the game.


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