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Chapter 375 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXVIII

by BobaTeaTranslations 

The preset scene suddenly missed and Duhuo was stunned for a moment.

He opened his mouth and remembered that he couldn’t speak.

He couldn’t speak, but Wen Ying, as the task starter, could.

She lowered her eyes and whispered to him, “I don’t know why you appear in the task.

Whether you are real or an illusion, I won’t drag strangers into my own affairs……”

The words “stranger” suddenly stabbed him in the ear, and the magical voice in his mind retreated like a tide.

The demon ancestor took a panoramic view of all this and sneered, “It’s a big joke that the demon clan dares not kill.

You can’t become any big thing in the future!”

“Didn’t you say that he is the most beloved person in my heart” Wen Ying lightly glanced at the demon ancestor, “Why is it wrong that I don’t kill my beloved”

The demon ancestor was furious and said, “There is no sincerity between people and demons.

If you don’t kill him, won’t you afraid in the future——”

Her high mood and tone of voice suddenly stopped in an instant.

“You, you……”

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What happened in front of her was almost beyond her cognitive range.

The vines on the man had been released, and he had no bondage, but there was still a tooth thorn on his chest.

The color of ivory stabbed into his chest, and bright red blood rushed out of the gap and spread on his robe.

The tooth thorn was on top, his hand held her tightly, motionless.

Duhuo smiled, his eyes met the demon ancestor opposite head on, “Is it difficult to kill someone” He took a step forward.

At the moment when he stabbed his teeth into his chest, he suddenly found that he was able to speak.

It seemed that he had borrowed the medium of props.

He really entered her task copy, rather than the identity of a bystander.

The demon ancestor didn’t understand the current situation, and was shocked by the man’s cold momentum, subconsciously retreating.

“If she doesn’t kill me, how about I do it myself”

As soon as Duhuo put it down, he noticed that her hand was shrinking back in the palm of his hand, and his hands suddenly made an effort.

In her state of surprise, he stabbed the teeth deeper, and 90% of the pain was synchronized, which still couldn’t make the arc raised by the corner of his mouth disappear.

Wen Ying frowned, “President of Heifeng, why……”

“Why, are you saying that I meddled again” He interrupted her sarcastically, “if I, a stranger, have to meddle in your business, what are you going to do Kill me”

The three words “kill me” were especially sneering with the scene under their eyes.

She took in a slight breath.

“Of course not.”

Duhuo found that he was particularly keen to see her changing complexion.

She was no longer cold and unfamiliar with anyone.

The “President of Heifeng” and “stranger” who spoke and shut up.

At present, she was facing him with a “headache and no way”, which made him want to laugh, and even the pain was inexplicably lessened.

He turned to see the demon ancestor, “We already said it, I’m dead, what Millennium Taoist priest, hurry to give it to her, don’t cheat.”

Demon ancestor: “……”

In her mind instilled by data, throughout the history of the demon clan for thousands of years, she has never seen a man do this for the sake of demons.

It was the demon who first finished the promotion task and left, all of which showed that life and death go hand in hand with the “lover”.

Although the lover’s cold face remained throughout the whole process, she gained her touch and success, and successfully sang the play to the end.

In fact, the standard of asking questions about the promotion task of the demon profession is not consistent.

It would first select a heterosexual character from the player’s contact friends and complete the task together.

Because not everyone will agree to help others with tasks, the selection criteria are different, from the ranking list to intimacy.

After someone refuses, they will change the criteria and choose again.

There were not many people in Wen Ying’s friends list, and everyone has a high probability of being drawn.


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