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Chapter 48.

☆Rebar corner

A busy and purposeful day, time flies.

Ruan Mengmeng was standing at the school gate when a gust of north wind blew.

She hid behind a tree on the side of the road, shivering.

Why hadn’t the takeaway order arrived yet It was freezing.

A few of her classmates came out with their parents carrying suitcases and their backpacks on their backs.

When they saw Ruan Mengmeng cowering behind the tree, they all waved hello with a smile.

After Ruan Mengmeng slimmed down, she was especially afraid of the cold.

She felt that no matter how many clothes she wore, she was not as warm as she was with the bubble meat on her waist.


Hey, you couldn’t have both slimness and warmth.

Zhang Xiaofang came out alone, and when she saw Ruan Mengmeng, she asked, “Why haven’t you gone back yet”

The entire school was closed today, except for the senior class.

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“The taro flavour you like.”


Now the whole school knew that He Yiyang, who was in the third year, and Ruan Mengmeng, who was in the second year, were a couple.

The school forum even had a few good people who used them as a prototype to write a little romance about childhood sweethearts.

He Yiyang even followed up with a post, telling a funny story or two about the two of them when they were kids, which was actually all about Ruan Mengmeng’s dark history.

After Ruan Mengmeng found out, she couldn’t say anything.

He Yiyang convinced her to confess in the post, which made a group of people so angry that their love died quickly and it blinded the titanium alloy dog’s eyes.

Zhang Xiaofang said, “You gave me yours, so what are you drinking”

“It’s okay, brother doesn’t like sweet things.

I’ll just drink his cup.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

Zhang Xiaofang held the warm cup of milk tea and brought up another topic, “You did well on the final exam this time.

If you work harder, you can definitely get a good major in a second-year school.

Art students spend a lot of money and have bad employment in the future.

You can think about what I said.”

Ruan Mengmeng was stunned and smiled, “I actually like to draw a lot.

The focus of this maths exam was my brother helping me to study …… eh, is it the car you called”

Zhang Xiaofang turned back.

She looked towards the model and the mobile phone information seemed to match.

“Then I’ll go first.

If you insist, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“No,” Ruan Mengmeng said softly, “Thank you for thinking about me.

It’s just that I know how much I can do.”

The corners of Zhang Xiaofang’s mouth curled up and she didn’t say anything.

Ruan Mengmeng was the only classmate she had gotten along with in high school, and she wanted to take the university entrance exam with her, but people have their own ambitions.

Ruan Mengmeng headed to school.

She was a dud.

She was still at the tail end of the crane in her first year of high school.

She entered the experimental class in her second year.

Thinking about it, she felt quite a sense of achievement.


Thanks to He Yiyang’s benchmarking role and his strict supervision.

Before the relationship was changed, Ruan Mengmeng was actually quite lazy.

Although she felt she had to work harder when she was older, she didn’t have a particularly strong motivation.

She didn’t think much of He Yiyang.

She just admired and worshipped him as a younger sister.

Now that the two of them were a couple, she couldn’t help but look at herself in a new light and want to become even better.

Her boyfriend was an academic, so she can’t be too bad herself.

Otherwise, the further back she went, the more the two of them would be out of sync and have different interests.

They would slowly tire and it might create distance.

Ruan Mengmeng didn’t want this.

She didn’t want to be left behind by the party who worked hard in love just because she didn’t act.

Whether it was love or career, there was no such thing as sitting on your laurels.

He Yiyang did not have high expectations for Ruan Mengmeng.

He only wanted her to put up a fight and do as best as she could.

And the three years of high school were the first chance to earn one’s way for the future.


In the Hongzhi class, a girl in the front row walked towards He Yiyang with the encouragement of her friends.

“Ahem.” Guan Qing coughed.

He Yiyang brushed up on his questions, not even raising his head.


“Ahem!” Guan Qing stood in front of his table, this time coughing twice and preparing to cough three times when He Yiyang lifted his head, “Speak.”

Guan Qing looked at his impatient look and pursed her lips, which in turn stirred her competitive nature.

“It’s my birthday today.

Would you like to have dinner with me”

He Yiyang twirled his pen in his right hand, “No.”

He lowered his head and continued to brush up on his questions, pretending nothing had happened.

Guan Qing’s face changed and she laughed dryly, “We’ve been in the same class for over a year and you still won’t give me face, huh”

He Yiyang was solving a big physics problem, and this girl interrupted his thoughts twice, which was quite annoying, “There are many people I don’t give face to; you are just one of them.”

Qin Tian, who was next to him, had raised his head from the moment Guan Qing walked in to watch the good show.

At this moment, seeing that Guan Qing’s face had turned green, he hurriedly spoke out to round up the situation.

“Guan Qing, don’t be angry,” Qin Tim took Guan Qing’s hand and said in a condescending and affectionate manner, “Why don’t you invite me I’ll give you any gift you want.

What’s so great about him Look at his ice face, won’t it ruin the atmosphere”

Guan Qing gritted her teeth.

She was very reluctant, but He Yiyang didn’t give her a glance.

“Humph!” Guan Qing coldly snorted.

She looked at Qin Tian and smiled again.

“This is the invitation.

My birthday happens to be on the day of vacation.

My dad has chartered a floor in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

You can come and play then.

You can bring your girlfriend, oh.”

Qin Tian looked at the invitation, coming of age at the age of 18, and laughed, “I don’t have any girlfriend.

Miss Guan is my ideal type.”


Guan Qing blushed.

In fact, Qin Tian’s character, appearance and family background were good.

“Ah, I’ll go!” Qin Tim suddenly let out a ghostly cry and turned back to glare at He Yiyang, “Why did you kick me”

“If you want to talk, stay away from my seat,” He Yiyang’s face was expressionless, “Don’t be annoying with your chatter.”

 Qin Tian patted his calf, dragged his chair to sit in front of his table and complained, “Eh, be reasonable.

I’m helping you to get rid of the peach blossoms.

If sister Ruan comes over later and sees a girl flirting with you, she’ll be jealous, and then she’ll become a blowfish.

Then you’ll ……”

Qin Tian continued to talk.

He Yiyang was very annoyed.

He thought that Ruan Mengmeng had gone out to pick up a takeout.

Why hadn’t she come up yet

Picking up Qin Tian who was still talking, he walked out of the classroom to breathe.

Ruan Mengmeng ran upstairs panting and ran headlong into the arms of whomever she met.

“Ouch, sorry.” Ruan Mengmeng apologised.

“What took you so long,” He Yiyang hugged her and didn’t let go.

“The takeaway message was sent to my phone a long time ago.”

When Ruan Mengmeng saw that it was He Yiyang, she breathed out before saying, “I ran into Zhang Xiaofang and had a chat.”

“It’s so cold.

What’s the point of talking,” He Yiyang was dissatisfied, “Your nose is all red from the cold.”

“I’m fine.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

The glass window next to them swished open, and Qin Tian said angrily, “I’m starving to death, so you two should stop showing your love!”

Qin Tian kicked over the bowl of dog food before taking the takeaway from Ruan Mengmeng, “Where’s my milk tea”

“It went to Zhang Xiaofang.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

Qin Tian bit into his ribs and said incredulously, “She can go home and eat and drink spicy food, but I’m starving and have to write.

Why are you depriving me of my milk tea, doesn’t your conscience hurt”

Ruan Mengmeng: “Eh, then I’ll give you mine.”

“Hehehe, sister Ruan is beautiful and kind-hearted.” Qin Tim took a cup of milk tea and sipped it beautifully, “It’s a bit cold.”

He Yiyang snatched it from his hand and glared at Qin Tian with unkind eyes.

“Boss, I was wrong,” Qin Tian knew what was right, after all, he didn’t pay for it himself.

“It’s good.

The jelly is not even as good as the milk tea.

Thanks for treating me.”

He Yiyang’s eyes looked at Ruan Mengmeng, and Qin Tim immediately flattered, “I’m grateful to sister Ruan for running the errands.”

Ruan Mengmeng shook her head and lost her smile, saying to He Yiyang, “Stop it, let’s eat.”

He Yiyang took the box of rice from her hand, “It’s cold, I’ll take it to the microwave and ding it.”

“Okay.” Ruan Mengmeng smiled.

“Take mine too.” Qin Tim extended his own portion of the boxed rice to He Yiyang.

He Yiyang gave a sarcastic laugh, “Heh, yours doesn’t matter.”

“Hiss~ This man!” Qin Tim leaned back in anger, then angrily snitched to Ruan Mengmeng, “Sister Ruan, a girl just asked Boss to attend her 18th Bar Mitzvah.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “Ah, so what”

Qin Tim’s peach blossom eyes widened a little: “A generous invitation oh!”

Looking towards He Yiyang who was heating up the meal at the back of the classroom, Ruan Mengmeng said, “Brother can go if he wants to.

Why ask me”

“You” Qin Tim gave Ruan Mengmeng a look of hatred, “She wants to flirt with the boss! Don’t you understand”

Ruan Mengmeng was stunned for a moment and smiled, “She can flirt if she wants to.

It’s not like brother will like her.”

“Yo!” Qin Tian was surprised, “So confident in yourself”

Ruan Mengmeng smiled even sweeter, “Because my boyfriend is He Yiyang.”

He Yiyang happened to be coming over and was satisfied when he heard this, rubbing Ruan Mengmeng’s head affectionately, “Not bad.

You haven’t been led astray by a bastard.”

A stern look stabbed at Qin Tian with a swish.

The new bastard scowled and silently carried the lunchbox back to his seat.

Opening the lunchbox, He Yiyang’s face instantly fell, “Why is there a carrot in the beef brisket pot”

Ruan Mengmeng went over and took a look, “Maybe there are no more tomatoes”

He Yiyang: “I won’t eat it!”

“How can you not eat I’ll help you pick it out,” Ruan Mengmeng swapped her own cumin beef over, “You eat mine first.”

He Yiyang didn’t eat carrots, but Ruan Mengmeng did like them, so she picked one and ate it.

Seeing that He Yiyang had started to read and eat at the same time, not wasting any time on his homework, Ruan Mengmeng took a piece of beef and passed it to his mouth.

He Yiyang spontaneously opened his mouth and took it.

Then Ruan Mengmeng ate a carrot and fed him a piece of beef.

When Ruan Mengmeng’s stomach was full after picking the carrot, He Yiyang looked over at her.

“Why are you giving me all the food”

“I don’t have to study,” Ruan Mengmeng said, “I’ll eat something else later when I get home, and I can buy freshly baked bread on the way.

It smells good …… Do you want me to come and eat with you tonight”

“It’s cold so don’t come over,” He Yiyang saw no one next to him and went over to peck Ruan Mengmeng’s face, then disliked it, “It tastes bad (TLN: The carrots)! Buy more food on the way and get your meat back soon.”

Ruan Mengmeng: ……

Who was the person who used to call her Little Fatty Little Fatty Now he wants her to get fat again1qqq1qq223pĺ

Just kidding.

It’s hard to draw when you’re chubby! Who cares about your taste!

“I’m going.” Ruan Mengmeng said.

He Yiyang pulled her hand, “You don’t have to come over to eat with me, but call.”

Ruan Mengmeng: ……

“Eh” He Yiyang squeezed her formerly little meaty hand.

“Okay, 6:30.” Ruan Mengmeng agreed.

What could she do, college entrance examination students… Even if she had to sing on video to coax He Yiyang to eat, Ruan Mengmeng would still agree.

But at the end of the night, not only did Ruan Mengmeng not sing and coax, she didn’t even call He Yiyang.

She received a call from the police station that Ruan Hai was involved in a mob brawl and was hospitalized!

[1] DiDi is a service they use in China that is a lot like Uber or Lyft.


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