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Chapter 89 Recruitment Offer


Leo had basically solved the high-level technical problems of the mechanical prosthesis by offering the two key technologies.


After listening to Leo’s general introduction of ‘Miniature Highly-compressed Battery’, Peter immediately understood this battery was the perfect solution for an excellent mechanical prosthesis.


Leo’s profound knowledge and mastery of high-tech technology impressed Peter thoroughly.

He exclaimed, “Mr.

Erwin, you’re truly amazing.

With the help of these two technologies, I believe the prototype of the mechanical prosthesis will be available soon.”


Peter felt he was dreaming for the entire afternoon.

Firstly, the ‘Neural Arms’ was deemed hopeless by Leo.

Then, a high-level mechanical prosthesis was within his grasp all of a sudden.

His emotion was having a roller-coaster ride.


Seeing Peter’s beaming face, Leo naturally was happy too as if seeing the highly-evaluated mission waving at him.


So, Leo decided to make Peter even happier, “Peter, I have a blueprint here, in fact.

It’s a mechanical arm created using Muscle Sensing Technology and Miniature Highly-compressed Battery.

However, its initial design isn’t a mechanical prosthesis but it’s still enough for you to use it as a reference for the prototype.”


The blueprint Leo prepared for Peter was naturally his initial design of the Lightweight Power Arm.

With this blueprint, he trusted Peter would design a mechanical prosthesis to his own satisfaction sooner.

That way, Leo too, could complete the mission sooner.


Simultaneously, Leo suspected Peter had realized Leo wasn’t an ordinary person and was possibly guessing his real identity.

Fortunately, Leo was preparing to use this weapon-possible high-tech blueprint, giving Peter a more direct view and letting him understand Leo’s depth and power.


However, how could Leo guess when he constantly pulled out various blueprints to help Peter, Peter was stunned to the core It was unimaginable for Peter what creature had bitten Leo, causing Leo to evolve to such a perverted stage.



Erwin, you’re too knowledgeable, sir!” Hints of admiration glinted in Peter’s eyes.


Leo was at most in his twenties and a couple of years older than Peter but not only was he deep-pocketed but he was also a sole board director of an emerging company, a proper successful person in society.

Besides, in Peter’s heart, Leo was someone enigmatic and formidable.


As a fresh graduate of a university, it was logical for Peter to slightly envy and aspire to, or even idolize someone like Leo.

What’s more, in Peter’s eyes, Leo was someone with profound knowledge and a magnanimous person who virtually responded to any requests whether it’s in terms of technical or financial.


Thus, Peter couldn’t help but blurt out, “Mr.

Erwin, you’re too amazing like the Doraemon in the Japanese manga.

Sir, I couldn’t help thinking you’re from the future just like it and even have a pocket that is stuffed with all sorts of amazing items.”


Luckily, Peter still had some reasons, or else he might believe Doraemon truly existed and might have bitten Leo… Otherwise, how would the young Leo seem to be omniscient!


Not just Peter, even Otto thought Leo could solve every kind of question.


After some consideration, Otto ultimately opened his mouth, “Mr.

Erwin, do you have similar technology to the Intracranial Transmission Technology In fact, I’m not willing to give up on this direction and wished to dive deeper into it.

I wonder if sir has a similar mature technology that I can refer to”


Otto wasn’t as overjoyed as Peter, instead, his eyes contained desperation, eagerness, and even supplication!


Seeing Otto’s mixed expression, Leo muttered in his heart, “What the hell is wrong with this Otto!”


Logically, the mechanical prosthesis should be a piece of cake to be developed since Leo had provided the funding and key technologies.

Otto should be as happy as Peter!


Even if Otto suddenly lost interest in mechanical prostheses but right now he had a large sum of money, it’s a better choice for him to invest in something else.

Why was he tightly clinging onto the doomed Intracranial Transmission Technology!


Leo failed to understand Otto’s thoughts but he didn’t have the curiosity and energy to understand them.

Thus, Leo bluntly stated, “I’m sorry, Dr.


I’m not the Doraemon Peter joked about, so I don’t have a dimensional pocket that’s filled with everything.

I truly don’t have Intracranial Transmission Technology.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”


Otto was heartbroken when he heard Leo’s refusal.

Peter was as confused as Leo, feeling today’s Otto was acting oddly and unsure why Otto’s mood was dampened.

But as Otto’s assistant-cum-student, right now he needed to comfort Otto.


Under Peter’s comforts.

Otto’s emotional state was gradually recovering.


Currently, it was getting late.

Leo still needed to return to the company and prepared the celebratory feast for the product launch.

So, he couldn’t remain in Otto’s laboratory for too long.


However, not only did Leo provide the ‘Muscle Sensing Technology’, ‘Miniature High-compressed Battery’, and the blueprint of ‘Lightweight Power Arm’, he even needed to provide a large sum of funding later.


The cost Leo had paid for this time was misaligned with his character.

With just the mission reward from Peter’s mission, it was unable to satisfy Leo’s expectations he had.

His real motive wasn’t just the mission rewards, his ultimate goal was both Peter and Otto.


Right now, Otto was as heartbroken as just now and Peter’s initial excitement had calmed down.

Both of them regained their original reasoning and judgment ability.


Only then did Leo gradually voice out the plan he had beforehand, “Gentleman, as you can see, the key technologies and expenditure of the research project of mechanical prostheses were paid by me alone.

Then, this isn’t your research project anymore, it’s my El Tech Company’s research project.

It was just that, I’ve delegated to you two to carry out.”


Leo firstly asserted he was the full owner of the project before adding, “So, this project is unsuitable to be carried out in New York University, Otto’s laboratory.

For this project, I’m preparing to build a new Mechanical Prostheses Department in El Tech Company, El Building.

I’ll be in charge of the department, mainly in charge of supervising.

Peter and Otto, both of you will be the deputy with the same rights, focusing on executing the project.

How do you think”


Peter and Otto were bewildered by Leo’s sudden proposal as they stared into each other’s eyes.

They initially thought they would remain in the laboratory they were familiar with.


Looking at the duo’s expression, Leo believed they were still hesitating.

Thus, Leo decided to lay out the distribution of the benefits he had thought of beforehand to tempt them.


“Of course, the original idea of the mechanical prostheses came from you both.

So, once the project is a success and raking in money, I’ll share 10% of the total profit of the project with each of you as a year-end bonus.

Moreover, you will get a matching monthly salary and benefits if you join El Tech Company as deputy department head.

However, if you do not join, I can only give you 5% of the total profit.”


Casting out the tempting benefits, Leo silently waited for the duo’s reply.


He was confident and believed the recruitment plan was a cinch.


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