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Chapter 149 Dark Demon, The King of Fortune


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Dark wasn't a person who was good at saying no.


On top of that, he was also interested in this new product, so he followed the shop assistant into the secret room again.


This time, the room was cleaned up.

The semi-finished products that were only used to test the response had been returned to the factory for repair and only a few finished products were still kept here.


The most conspicuous of them was still the goldfish that seemed to have come out of the underworld!


But next to the goldfish, there was a super cute creature that sucked all Dark's attention in an instant!


"Is this a fennec fox"


Dark was pleasantly surprised.


Seeing that the response was good, the shop assistant said proudly: "Yes, this is a kind of fox grass - Fennec Fox Grass!"


The fennec fox was arguably one of the smallest canines on Earth.


They have developed a particularly lovely pair of large ears due to natural selection.


The color of its fur ranged from cream to pale yellow.


And the tip of its tail was usually black.


The fennec fox in front of him could be said to be very normal, but its petite size was comparable to that of the little cat in his room.


Dark liked it almost instantly!


Originally, [Lust] was a good match for [Fox], maybe with luck, he could refine a Daji or something


As Dark wondered, he asked, "How many credits is this pot of fox grass"


The shop assistant said: "The fox grass has not been mass-produced, so the price is slightly high.

100 credits per pot."


Dark: "Okay.

Does this pot of fox grass need a special Cat Juice"


The shop assistant: "It's not necessary.

You can just use normal Cat Juice."




Soon, Dark left the [Kitties Flower And Tree Shop] holding the fox grass.


Then he strolled around the street for a while, and bought all the things that the fox grass needed.


After having this pot of Fox Grass, he felt that his research was going to make a big breakthrough.




Before, he was torn between the two options of continuing to cultivate [Lust Fruit] and saving [Lust] to develop [Lust IV]. 


Now he didn't have to worry about it anymore.


He wasn't sure of the number of [Lust] points he required to make [Lust IV].


While he already had the new fox grass.


So there was no need for him to deliberate on this anymore.




Dark, who returned to the dormitory, was not in a hurry to cultivate [Lust Fruit].


He planned to spend a day or two developing his relationship with this fox grass first.


In short, there was another sleeping basket beside his bed...


This continued until Saturday night.


He picked up the magic brain dropper and used the "dragonfly touching the water method" again to extract the [Lust] overflowing from his brain.


As such.


Combining the 1.5 points [Lust ] he extracted today with the 5 points [Lust ] he saved from the previous month and the 1.5 points [Lust ] he saved yesterday, he had collected a total of 8 points!


At this time, the [Lust] indicator has also changed from 109 to 106, which could be considered to have entered the safe range.


For the next card, he was not going to take the risk of raising Lust.

He would rather try to lower [Pride] first.


But that was something to consider later.




After drawing out enough [Lust ], Dark shut the cat grass in the bedroom and took the fox grass into the balcony.

He then opened the protective fence of the Worm Tree and injected 1/3 of  [Lust] collected today into a certain worm branch.


Of the worm branches on the Worm Tree, one of them stored 3 points of [Lust ], and the two other branches stored 2 points [Lust] respectively.


Dark picked up the fox grass and allowed it to suck the worm branch.


The effect was immediate.

It didn't change due to the change of seasons.


The coat of arms of [Lust] first appeared on the top of the fox grass, and then it gave birth to a bud, bloomed in the moonlight, and finally bore fruit.


That was a fruit rich in [Lust]!


Immediately afterward, Dark injected the remaining 1 point of [Lust] into the worm branch to store it.

He did not forget to close the fence afterward and carried the fox grass back to the bedroom.


Because the weather was getting colder, Dark had already moved the hut of cow grass to a corner of the bedroom.


Now the three "cat grass" lived indoors.

The cow grass was quiet, the cat grass was active, and the fox grass was very clingy.


Dark put the fox grass in the sleeping basket and started the experiment.


The steps of the experiment were already familiar to him.


He first summoned [Shuckle].


Then put the [fruit of Lust] into the shell of Shuckle and waited for the fruit to dissolve and ferment.


Fermentation time was about half an hour.


After half an hour, he could get a glass of [Lust Fruit] juice.


Next, it was refined by the basic refining method [Bird & Beast-type-normal].


A blank magic card of 50 credits was used.


The core material was the fruit of Lust.


As for the final result, it was entirely up to fate.




The refining this time was without any guidance.


Even the attribute he selected for the refining method was "normal" which could produce magical spirits with other attributes.


This made the experiment more random.


It also made the experiment more likely to fail.




But Dark always had a fortune in crafting magical spirit cards.


The whole experiment went very smoothly.


Even after activating the magic refining circle No.

1, It turned out that only one [Lust Fruit] juice was insufficient to complete the refining.

He barely solved it by adding additional materials at the last minute!


Dark added the "Andersen Potion" that he received from Sister Kaleid!


He had Grimm's Potion and Andersen's Potion, one for illusion and one for brainwashing.


Dark chose the Andersen Potion, which could remove most of the spells involving brain curses and mind manipulation.


Originally, he also wanted to refine Andersen's Potion into a Potion Card, but as he gathered more knowledge, he realized that it was impossible to refine such an advanced potion into a card with his current level.

So he had been keeping it aside until now.


As a result, when adding the materials, he poured all three tubes of Andersen’s potion into the refining circle at once!


After that, the radiance of the magic refining circle No.

1 reached its peak, and the production of the magic spirit card successfully advanced to the final melting step.


→Magic card became a glowing cocoon.




Dark reached out and touched it and poured magic energy into the glowing cocoon continuously.


Similar to the production of [Miltank], the magic energy in the glowing cocoon constantly fluctuated as various materials continued to be smelted.

It took about five minutes to stabilize.


At this point, Dark's expectations for this magical spirit card also peaked.


He really wanted to know what kind of magical spirit would form at the end of a refining without deliberate guidance.


So he quickly took out the mercury knife and carefully cut open the entire glowing cocoon.


A dreamy pink color shone through the slit.


It was the color of Lust.

It was the color of fairies.


Dark was slightly dazed, he was captivated by it.


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Editor note -  A fennec fox


Editor note 2 - Daji

Daji was the favourite consort of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China.

In legends and fictions, she is portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit who kills and impersonates the real Daji.

Her identification as a fox spirit seems to have originated from at least the Tang dynasty.



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